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If you decide to learn English by studying in language school overseas, let's select a travel destination from to understand the type that want to learn yourself. Even if you talk the same language, is pronunciation is the difference. Pronunciation, which is spoken in the United Kingdom seems to easy listening to the Japanese, but in the modern world because American English has become the mainstream, it is not a major pronunciation. When actually from the Americans, the British are talking about seems to hear it dull. Australia is a popular study abroad destination for people to enroll hope to language school, but the difference is pronunciation in much wonder the same language.

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Country whose native language English There are many. Any of which country has such language school, we will not accept foreign students. English in the native language to the country, then it is also large cities, there is also a place that is not the case. Therefore, even if wanted to learn it, depending on the country to its selection, it is the cost of school, differ greatly, such as expenses related to life. Once lost when If you select a language school, look for there to the reference if there is a favorite place, and if not, where prices are cheap, good to nature to find the school to have a separate rich Tokoro such as selection criteria award.

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